Package com.mkdoc.query

Generic metadata query interfaces


Interface Summary
Query A query that serves as a cache key.
QueryBuilder A builder for query types.
QueryContext An output context for a query
QueryResult The result of a query.
ResultRenderer An interface for types that render query results.

Class Summary
AbstractQueryBuilder A base implementation of a query interpreter.
AbstractQueryContext Base class for QueryContext types.
AbstractResultRenderer A base class for result renderers.
NullQueryResult Represent a query result that has no results.
QueryFactory Get query components for a servlet application.
RssQueryContext An RSS output context for a query
RssResultRenderer A result renderer for RSS output.
ServletQueryBuilder A query builder for servlets.
SimpleQuery A simple query implementation.
TextQueryContext A text output context for a query
TextResultRenderer Renders Sesame query results to plain text.
XhtmlQueryContext An XHTML output context for a query
XhtmlResultRenderer Renders Sesame query results to XHTML.

Package com.mkdoc.query Description

Generic metadata query interfaces

A generic query processing layer to separate application code from specific query languages.