Management interfaces and implementations.


Interface Summary
FileStoreManager A interface for file system managers.
Manager Basic functional features for a manager type.
StoreManager A type that implements all manager interfaces.

Class Summary
AbstractFileStoreManager Common methods for managing file system resources.
AbstractStoreManager A base superclass for subject manager types.
DatabaseStoreManager A store manager for a local Sesame repository.
HtmlFileStoreManager Manage HTML resources stored on a file system.
ImportListener Store error statements for post-processing, draft.
LocalStoreManager A store manager for a local Sesame repository.
StoreManagerFactory A factory for store manager types.
StoreQueryResult A store query result.
TripleFileStoreManager Manage RDF resources stored on a file system.

Exception Summary
StoreException A generic store exception type.

Package Description

Management interfaces and implementations.

This package is intended to provide a generic plugable interface to storage systems, primarily for RDF statements, and mechanisms to purge specific records or sets of records from the system. This package will ultimately insulate Sesame classes from JSpider classes, and make MKDoc plugins configurable with any form of storage.